Edward Lumsdaine, PhD
Professor Emeritus
of Mechanical Engineering

Michigan Technological University
  9725 Clearwater Drive
Knoxville, TN 37923

Phone: 313.402.5442




Publications and examples of my work are presented below. Please contact me if you would like more information.


  • Rotten Gambler Two Becomes a True American. This is a story of how a biracial child, penniless, with little formal education, hardly speaking English, and without a clue of how to go about it, got to America and pursued the American dream. More Information

  • Entrepreneurship from Creativity to Innovation: Thinking Skills for a Changing World. This book will show you how to learn to think more creatively and to solve problems more effectively. You will discover the knowledge needed to meet the challenges of entrepreneurship and innovation through models and techniques, individual and team exercises, tips, action plans, how-to lists, references and web sites. More information
  • Creative Problem Solving and Engineering Design. This book incorporates a strong focus on innovative thinking, teamwork, and communications in engineering design. It responds to the needs of industry for engineers who have these foundational skills and to the ABET Criteria 2000 which require that students are able to work on multidisciplinary teams and understand the global context of engineering. More Information (PDF Format)


  • CD with PowerPoint Slides Lecture slides for most topics covered in the two books listed above are available upon request to instructors who are adopting the book for their students. Additional material (such as syllabi) are also included:

(a) Student workbook for a one-week short course in entrepreneurship.

(b) Important handouts for a one-year capstone design sequence.

Please specify which book and e-mail your request to mlumsdaine@comcast.net (with copy to lumsdain@mtu.edu).