Edward Lumsdaine, PhD
Professor Emeritus
of Mechanical Engineering

Michigan Technological University
  9725 Clearwater Drive
Knoxville, TN 37923

Phone: 313.402.5442



This book will show you how to learn to think more creatively and to solve problems more effectively. You will discover the knowledge needed to meet the challenges of entrepreneurship and innovation through models and techniques, individual and team exercises, tips, action plans, how-to lists, references and web sites. This book is a practical tool for future entrepreneurs and inventors, business managers, or anyone seeking to become a more successful thinker, problem solver and innovator. Teaching resources (sample syllabi, student handbook and PowerPoint slides) are available from the authors upon request.

Edward Lumsdaine is Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Michigan Technological University and Management Consultant at Ford Motor Company.

Martin Binks is Director of the Institute for Enterprise and Innovation and Professor of Entrepreneurial Development at the University of Nottingham.